Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Polak's Patches: Police Patches and Flashes

Website developer A. Ryan Robbins of Designs did the web site design for Polak's Patches, a Police Patches and Flashes collectors internet site. One of the most visited and highly trafficked pages, is the Police Patch of the Month page, which is updated each month with a new North American, International, and Special Unit Patch for the Month. If the exciting hobby of collecting and trading Police Patches and Flashes interests you, or if you just want to see another fine example of A. Ryan Robbins and Designs complete web dev package that's search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, stop by for a visit today!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Cazdeg D, W32.Cazdeg.D, is a Windows virus, which infects visual basic scripts, java scripts, zip files, html files, and Microsoft Word and Excel files. It attempts to spread to other computers using peer-to-peer networks by copying itself into their shared folders using enticing file names. Cazdeg also attempts to spread to other network shares protected by poor passwords.